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Australia Day 2022 – Inaugural Cricket Match

25 MAY 2022

The Australian Embassy hosted its Australia Day celebration on 24 May 2022 with the inaugural cricket match between the Ambassador’s Team and the President’s Team. Cricket players were well supported by Government of Palau representatives, Palauan society and the Australian community who cheered on both teams.

After lining up for the national anthems and team photos, an Australian 50 cent coin was tossed to determine the first team to bat. Team Australia opted to field first. Team Palau batted well on what was a very wet cricket pitch, setting a convincing run score which was beyond Team Australia’s reach. Congratulations Team Palau on winning the first Australia Day cricket match.

Congratulations also to President Whipps for scoring the most runs, Mr Wayland Keizi who scored the most wickets (number of people they got out), and as nominated by team members, Mr Wade Taro and Mr Ming Ong for best on field..

Cricket is a popular sport in Australia, played professionally at an international and domestic level and enjoyed locally in backyards and on BBQs to the beach.

As a game of partnership and co-operation, it is also a fitting metaphor for the strong bilateral relationship between Australia and Palau.

Australia and Palau share a commitment to the region and to each other. We share common values as democratic countries committed to peace and prosperity in the region. We work together on issues of shared concern, including: climate change; human rights; social and economic development; and protecting our oceans. Australia is proud to have an Embassy in Koror, which builds upon decades of cooperation between our countries.

Australia will continue our bilateral and regional work and cooperation in priority sectors for Palau, including in health, security, renewable energy, tax reform, emergency response, and scholarships. Australia’s support will also ensure Palau continues to benefit from regional initiatives, such as Pacific Women Lead, and regional support for maritime security and fisheries.

Happy Australia Day to everyone in Palau!

For further information, please contact the Australian Embassy, Palau on 488-4628 or [email protected].